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DNS delegation of ns-l1.ac updated:


We pick h.root-servers.net, one of the 13 root servers (1), and ask it about ns-l1.ac and learn that ac is delegated to seven name servers (2), so we ask ns-a3.ac and get the following answer:

Authoritative answer

ANSWER for ns-l1.ac.
ns-l1.ac.86400 A80.249.100.57 ns-l1.ac points to
86400RRSIG\# 150 000108020001518058d8081d589c9b122e700261630088b6c7afa5a3229fa15a4bdcb8e3986c715a088177c76aceccc0ae8d845aedaa7df5f4bcf3ad2701c431c699d77d71bfeb0bec5cd978a37b851756e0d9907ddfd955f22bcf351b226199787acf1c50727c98f331fa12d6afb63c42b756f3830f038e78bba91d9dc759293f28568aaddb60616cad68a9c22ebf7d8dac233bbe18
86400 AAAA2001:470:1f1d:244::57 ns-l1.ac points to 2001:470:1f1d:244::57.
86400RRSIG\# 150 001c08020001518058d8081d589c9b122e70026163005c2244cff71b006f72ff87c9fbf001fdc3aa59ce020032c9e7ddaa72f84aba2841d5dbd521dcf4ab4c3f2bcb271b72ce4b68ff6d6a7fbe8d7bd91fac26e116433e02f625116238605e89d8b40522291aeafb214acd7a7d0dcaa19f527d243c41939cd2f672fa9b27387c77ddebb46cd60695e2e4ba9f915d9a48e13d058aac20
AUTHORITATIVE for ns-l1.ac.
ac.86400 NS ns-a1.ac. ac use ns-a1.ac as name server.
86400 NS ns-a3.ac. ac use ns-a3.ac as name server.
86400 NS ns-y1.ac. ac use ns-y1.ac as name server.
86400 NS ns-d1.ac. ac use ns-d1.ac as name server.
86400 NS ns-a2.ac. ac use ns-a2.ac as name server.
86400 NS ns-a4.ac. ac use ns-a4.ac as name server.
86400 NS ns-l1.ac. ac use ns-l1.ac as name server.
ADDITIONAL for ns-l1.ac.
ns-a1.ac.86400 A194.0.1.1
86400 AAAA2001:678:4::1
ns-a2.ac.86400 A194.0.2.1
86400 AAAA2001:678:5::1
ns-a3.ac.86400 A74.116.178.1
ns-a4.ac.86400 A74.116.179.1
ns-d1.ac.86400 A64.251.31.177
86400 AAAA2607:feb8::5:5
ns-y1.ac.86400 A91.208.95.130
86400 AAAA2001:470:1f07:d0b::130

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